Willow Hole Cowboy Action Shooting

Regular Match Schedule: 1st Saturday each month

Match Location: Willow Hole Cowboy range (see home page for location).

Registration: On-site day of match.

Advance information: Email sent to cowboy email list the weekend prior to the match (CLICK HERE and send message requesting to be added to the cowboy email list).


Friday (day before the match)

  • Noon: RV dry camping opens

Saturday (day of match)

  • 8:00 am: Range opens for target set up and shooter check-in.
  • 8:45 am: Shooter check-in and walk up registration closes. No exceptions.
  • 8:50 am: Mandatory safety meeting.
  • 9:00 am: Match starts

Match Fees:

  • $15 for members
  • $20 for non-members

Scores are posted HERE after every match.

Governing body is the: Single Action Shooting Society

Official competition match rules: Shooter’s Handbook
Individual clubs may vary their own rules and shooting categories for eveyones enjoyment. These are just the rules for the official sanctioned matches.

Match description:

Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) is a 4-gun competition using firearms representative of those in the Old West era (Civil War to 1898).  Competitors wear clothes that represent the Old West or the Hollywood representation of the Old West.

A match consists of 5 or 6 stages.  Each stage has pistol, rifle, and shotgun targets.  The shotgun targets are usually knockdown targets that must be knocked over to count as a hit.  At the beep, the cowboy or cowgirl will shoot the firearms (shotgun, rifle, and 2 pistols) in a specific order at steel targets.  The targets for each firearms are generally shot in a specific order.

For example, a progressive sweep would be 1 shot on target #1, 2 shots on target #2, 3 shots on target #3, and 4 shots on target #4.  The total time for a stage is the raw time (beep to last shot) plus 5 seconds for each miss.  Additional time penalties may be applied for shooting out of order or safety violations.  Stage times are totaled and the lowest total time wins.  Major matches typically have shooter categories, in which shooters compete in age-based or other types of categories, such as black powder.

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