Next Match  
Third weekend of the Month

Unless otherwise noted!  

Shots downrange will be ASAP after the 
mandatory safety meeting
at 9:30AM.

Previous Match Scores 
   2010, 2011, 2012

The Willow Hole Cowboys wish to
thank you for shooting at the
Willow Hole Cowboy's Range.

Willow Hole Cowboys

typically shoot the 3rd weekend of the month.  
We shoot Saturday Only
  Registration closes at 9:20
Safety meeting begins at 9:30am
Match Fees: Members $10 per day    
Non-members $15 per day
Membership $25 (January to January)

   Optional Road Fund $1 per day.
Good for one miss during regular match.

Any shooter not present for the
safety meeting will NOT be allowed
to shoot due to insurance requirements
and Willow Hole Cowboys policies.
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